Agency's Union Workers Say They Will Crash The Staff Picnic

Sep 20, 2013

Local union members in the Hudson Valley are staging a protest against stagnant wages by crashing a staff party Friday afternoon.

Members of Service Employees International Union Local 200 United who work for Dutchess ARC say they’re crashing the agency’s Staff Appreciation Day party. Dutchess ARC is a non-profit agency that serves children and adults with developmental disabilities. Union members say Dutchess ARC management should instead be at the negotiating table discussing higher wages in the face of staffing shortages, increased workloads, and high health insurance costs. Dutchess ARC Executive Director Crys McCuin says rates for provider services, which are set by New York State and currently under review, will impact such discussions, and until agencies receive information about in which direction their rates are headed, Dutchess ARC cannot sit at the bargaining table. Union members say they’re crashing the party at Freedom Park in LaGrangeville.