Albany City Budget Plan Unveiled

Oct 1, 2013

All eyes are on Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings as he takes the wraps off the proposed city budget for 2014.
Credit WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings today released his 2014 proposed budget presentation.

Jennings, who is nearing the end of his 20-year term, unveiled a $171 million spending plan that reflects a 2-point-4 million dollar reduction in operating expenses from last year's adopted budget: the Democrat says 87 percent of the proposed budget, exclusive of debt service, is related to personnel costs.

Jennings says the city has been moving forward, despite what he terms "great challenges." The budget plan calls for an increase of 900 thousand dollars to the tax levy.

Jennings stated he is "very comfortable" with this year's proposed budget. He says he's keeping an eye on the ongoing Washington shutdown, but doesn't expect much of a trickledown to city level.

Jennings said the last government shutdown 17 years ago had negligible effect on Albany government. One observer at the budget announcement declared the presentation "positive" considering the current economic times.   Jennings is not seeking a sixth term; fellow Democrat city treasurer Kathy Sheehan is the frontrunner in November’s general election.