Amendment to Block Border Crossing Fee Passes

May 22, 2013

Border crossing between Champlain, NY and Lacolle, Quebec
Credit Andrei Tilin, Montreal, Quebec/Wikimedia Commons

An amendment introduced by NY Congressman Bill Owens to block a border fee proposed by the Department of Homeland Security in its 2014 budget request was passed in the Appropriations committee Wednesday.

Democrat Owens’ amendment bars the Department of Homeland Security from studying nor implementing border crossing fees for passenger vehicles and pedestrians at the northern and southern borders.  

Congressman Owens says potential damage  to economic development and tourism  would “....cost more than the government could ever collect through fees.”
His amendment will be included in the bill when it moves to the full House.

Earlier this month, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy blocked the border crossing fee in the Senate Judiciary committee.