As Another Big Storm Bears Down, Massachusetts Works On Resiliency Plans For Climate Change

Mar 12, 2018

Credit NASA

        Massachusetts is forecast to be hit Tuesday by the 4th big storm since January to bring flooding to coastal communities, including the city of Boston.   Scientists say because of rising sea levels these storms could be the new normal.  

        Under an executive order by Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA) last year, Massachusetts began looking at resiliency strategies to deal with climate change. 

       Baker said the findings will be incorporated into an environmental bill he intends to file this week.

       "I do think we 're going to  have to think a little differently about how we do this going forward," Baker said in response to a question about resiliency planning following a speech last week in Springfield.

               " By the way ( the plans)  won't just be for the coastal communities. We have a lot of streams and rivers and other bodies of water that need to be part of this conversation as well," said Baker. 

         A study group called Climate Ready Boston issued a report in 2016 detailing action steps to protect flood-prone parts of the city including the use of deployable flood walls.