Another New York Sex Scandal

Feb 5, 2014

Credit alh1/flickr

The Daily News is reporting that Orange County Republican Party chairman Robert Krahulik is being asked to resign after allegedly texting lewd pictures of himself to a friend of his girlfriend.

Sources say Krahulik, 48, a lawyer and a trustee of the county community college, sent pictures of himself to a friend of the  26-year-old woman he was dating.

The controversy over Krahulik erupted last week when sources said his girlfriend briefly posted the pictures and a message on Facebook.

Krahulik, who has only been Orange County GOP chairman for a few months, said his political opponents were trying to embarrass him. “It’s unfortunate they would stoop to this level. At this point, they are embarrassing themselves.”

A high-level area Republican said it’s expected Krahulik will be gone this week.

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