The Anthony Weiner Personality Test

Aug 1, 2013
Originally published on August 1, 2013 11:13 am

To find out if you are compatible with the former Democratic congressman from New York and candidate for mayor of New York City, put down your selfie camera and take this simple quiz. If you can pick Weiner's actual quote from the choices given, you two just might get along.

1. Choose a saying that exemplifies your personality:
a. "I never take my shirt off."
b. "I have no interest in younger people."
c. "Quit isn't the way we roll."

2. Would you consider yourself a sex addict?
a. "Could you repeat the question?"
b. "Are you asking me if I belong to any sects?"
c. "Addiction has a clinical meaning ... and I've been told it doesn't apply here."

3. How has the sexting scandal affected you?
a. "I need a new battery for my phone."
b. "What sexting scandal?"
c. "It is hard to get my message out."


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