Anti-Gun Group In Saratoga Demands Proof Of Insurance

Apr 18, 2013

Credit wikipedia commons

Citizens turned up the heat Wednesday on Saratoga Springs City Center, pressing officials to prove that the group holding gun shows there is properly insured.

Susan Steer is one of the founding members of Saratogians For Gun Safety. She says she never received proof of insurance. New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates of Mechanicville stages the gun show. David Petronis is the organization's President. He says a venue has to have insurance, as a matter of policy.

Steer says her anti-gun group won't rest until they see a copy of the actual liability insurance document.

Petronis says he's been putting on events at the center for three decades and plans to continue to do so

Steer says Saratogians For Gun Safety just want to see the policy. Petronis advises the community activists to take a different stance and find out "what's really wrong" with Saratoga. He did not elaborate.