Any Questions? #119

Dec 6, 2013

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel focus on Washington monuments.

Last week's challenge
The important multiple of 333, 666, figures heavily in a key book of the bible. Rearrange the letters of this 10-letter bible book to spell a two-word phrase, six letters in the first word, four in the second, that can describe the action in this particular bible book. As a hint, each word begins with a vowel.

Answer: The bible book is Revelation, which can be rearranged to spell ORNATE EVIL.

On-air questions: On December 6, 1884, construction of the Washington Monument was completed when the capstone and lightning rod were put into place. (Construction was halted for 17 years, which resulted in a visible difference in the marble used to finish the structure.) To commemorate the monument's completion, this week our questions are about Washington, D.C., monuments and memorials.

1. Unveiled on Veterans Day, 1984, "The Three Soldiers" is a statue located a short distance from – and designed as a companion to – what Washington, D.C., memorial designed by Maya Lin?
2. Four individuals that were not a U.S. president have memorials on the National Mall dedicated to them: George Mason (a founding father), John Ericsson (a naval engineer), John Paul Jones (a naval war hero), and what individual, whose memorial opened in August of 2011?
3. Located on the grounds of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences is a statue of what man holding a book engraved with three of his most famous equations, including one on general relativity?
4. The Peace Monument, built to commemorate the deaths of naval officers at sea during the Civil War, was originally intended to be located in what city some 30 miles east of Washington, D.C.?
5. Opened in 1997, what U.S. President's memorial consists of four outdoor spaces called "rooms," each dedicated to one of his terms of office?

Extra credit
1. Located in Constitution Gardens on the National Mall, a memorial comprised of 56 stone bricks – each containing a signature, an occupation, and a hometown – honors the 56 people who signed what document?
2. The Extra Mile, also called the Points of Light Volunteer Pathway, is a one-mile path of markers honoring individuals for their involvement with humanitarian causes. The monument was dedicated in 2005 in a ceremony attended by what U.S. President?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase NATIONAL MALL. Rearrange the letters to spell the names of an insect and two mammals. (As a hint, the words have three, four, and five letters, respectively.) What are they?

On-air questions
1. Vietnam Veterans Memorial
2. Martin Luther King, Jr.
3. Albert Einstein
4. Annapolis, MD
5. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Extra credit
1. Declaration of Independence
2. George H.W. Bush