Any Questions #123

Jan 3, 2014

Jason English

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel welcome guest player Jason English.

Last week's challenge
Take the phrase RED-TAG SALE. Rearrange the letters to spell a two-word phrase (five letters in each word) that names things you might get at such a sale. What are they?
Answer: The things are GREAT DEALS.

On-air questions:
It's our first show of 2014, and we're starting the year off right with another special guest answerer. Jason English is the editor-in-chief (digital) for the absurdly awesome magazine mental_ floss.
Before joining mental_floss in 2007, Jason was a mediocre copywriter for several New York ad agencies (his words, not ours). He also created the board game Split Decision. Since Jason's last name is a nationality, this week we're going to see how much he knows about other people whose last names are nationalities.
1. Noted for works such as the John Harvard statue in Cambridge, Massachusetts, sculptor Daniel Chester French is best known for his sculpture of what U.S. president, which sits in a memorial at one end of the reflecting pool in Washington, D.C.?
2. In 1988, television producer Diane English created a sitcom starring Candice Bergen as the co-anchor of a fictional newsmagazine called FYI. What was Bergen’s character's name, which was also the title of the show?
3. Just So Songs is a collection of 12 stories set to music by composer Sir Edward German in 1903. The source of the stories is a collection written by what British author?
4. Since 2011, Mark Cuban, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, has been one of the potential investors who hears pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs on what ABC reality show?
5. In 1942, mystery writer Cornell Woolrich wrote the short story "It Had to Be Murder" under the pseudonym William Irish. The story was later used as the basis for what 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film that stars Jimmy Stewart as a man who witnesses a murder from his apartment?

Extra credit
1. The woman born Melinda French is a philanthropist and co-founder of a charitable organization (the largest private foundation in the world, in fact) that she runs with her husband. What is her husband's name?
2. Ned Irish, a pioneering figure in professional basketball, organized a December 29, 1934 doubleheader (NYU versus Notre Dame and Westminster College versus St. John's) at what famed arena, now the home of the NBA franchise Irish was president of from 1946 to 1974?

This week's challenge
Start with an eight-letter word beginning with M that names a nationality. Drop the last letter and the result will spell the first and last names of a famous TV and radio personality. What is the nationality and who is the personality?

On-air questions

1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Murphy Brown
3. Rudyard Kipling
4. Shark Tank
5. Rear Window

Extra credit
1. Bill Gates
2. Madison Square Garden