Any Questions? #125

Jan 17, 2014

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel switch spots for a quiz about Norway.

Last week's challenge

Start with a two-word term used in baseball. Remove the consecutive letters "un" and you'll get a common informal version of the term. What is the term and what is the informal version?

Answer: The term is HOME RUN, which becomes HOMER.


On air questions: On January 17, 1991, Harald V became King of Norway upon the death of his father, Olav V, who had ruled for almost 34 years and died at 87. So today’s quiz is all about Norway.

1) Norway’s biggest city and capital with 1.5 million people has been known as Christiania after a 17th century king at various points in its more than 1,000-year history. By which name do we know this city today?

2) One of the most famous Norwegians is which playwright, known for works like Hedda Gabler, Ghosts, and Peer Gynt?

3) What’s the currency of Norway? As a hint, a female Hall of Fame jockey shares her last name with this word.

4) Norway borders three other nations. Can you name two?*

5) Before disappearing in a plane crash during a rescue mission in 1928, this man led landmark explorations to the north and south poles and the Northwest passage.

Extra credit

1) Which office supply has become a national symbol of Norway?

2) In which town of roughly 27,000 people were the 1994 Winter Olympics held? A losing bid for those Olympics was placed by Anchorage, Alaska.

This week's challenge

Start with the name of Norweigan Edvard Munch’s most famous work. Rearrange the letters to spell two words (3, 6) that might describe an action a New York art lover on a mission might undertake. What is the painting and what is the action?


1) Oslo; the restored name in 1925

2) Henrik Ibsen. His A Doll’s House was determined in 2006 to be the most performed play in the world

3) Krone, which as of this writing is worth about 16 cents. The krone has also been used in Estonia, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark.

4) Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Finland

5) Roald Amundsen, who was referred to as “the last of the Vikings.”

Extra credit

1)  Paper clip; an inventor Johan Vaaler of Norway is erroneously credited with being the inventor of the paper clip

2) Lillehammer

*This quiz originally referred to Norway's four borders. It has three. Regret the error.