Any Questions? #18

Albany, NY – WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel offer an Any Questions? clearance sale.

Last week's challenge
A customer pays for $13.59 worth of groceries with a $50 bill. The cashier counts out the change, then remarks, "Huh, that's interesting." The customer, upon receiving the change, replies, "You're right. That is interesting." So, what's so interesting?

Answer: The customer's change ($36.41) consists of exactly one of each of the most-commonly-used U.S. bills and coins (one penny, one nickel, one dime, one quarter, one $1 bill, one $5 bill, one $10 bill, and one $20 bill).


On-air questions: We're holding an end-of-year clearance sale on Any Questions? this week, featuring unused questions from previous weeks' categories. All trivia must go! No reasonable offer refused!

1. [from Week 6: Government and Politics] Term for the tactics used by a U.S. senator to delay voting on a measure, usually by speaking at length on various topics
2. [from Week 7: Colors] Nickname given to the team accused of throwing games in the 1919 World Series
3. [from Week 9: Landmarks] Landmark whose upper sections are lit in red, white and blue on Independence Day each year
4. [from Week 13: Business] TV show whose main character was inspired by Draper Daniels, the creator of the Marlboro Man ad campaign
5. [from Week 16: Cartoons] Comedian who created an animated series based on, and provided the voice for, his character Fat Albert

Extra credit
1. [from Week 8: Series] Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, _____
2. [from Week 14: Literature] Nickname of literary character Harry Angstrom, protagonist of four John Updike novels

This week's challenge
Start with an eight-letter word for something you might see in a museum. Remove the middle two letters and the result will spell someone you might see in a museum. What is the thing and who is the person?




On-air questions
1. Filibuster
2. The "Black Sox"
3. The Empire State Building
4. Mad Men
5. Bill Cosby

Extra credit
1. Conan O'Brien
2. Rabbit