Any Questions? #38

May 18, 2012

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel switch seats for a quiz about accomplished elders.

Last week's challenge

Take the five-letter name of a famous computer. If you read it backwards, you'll get the last name of a famous actor. What is the computer and who is the actor?

ANSWER: The famous computer is ENIAC, and the actor is Michael CAINE.


On-air questions: On May 18th, 2004, Randy Johnson became the oldest major league pitcher to toss a perfect game when he led Arizona to a 2-0 win over Atlanta. He was 40. In honor of that achievement an an advanced age, at least baseball-wise, this quiz focuses on successful elders.

1. The upstate-New York born artist who was born before the Civil War and lived to see JFK serve as president.
2. The actor whose film debut came in The Godfather and who has made a running joke of inaccurate reports of his death dating back to the 1980s.
3. The U.S. President who at 69 was the oldest ever to assume office.
4. The category in which 97-year-old Pinetop Perkins won a 2011 Grammy, making him the oldest to win the award.
5. And a toughie: The country -- according to the U.N. -- that has the longest life expectancy at birth at 82.6 years.

Extra credit:

1. The film for which Christopher Plummer won a Best Supporting Acting Oscar in 2012, making him the oldest winner of a competitive Oscar at 82.
2. The conflict that had no known remaining American veterans after Frank Buckles died at 110 in 2011.

This week's challenge:

Start with the phrase OLD PEOPLE. Using only the letters in those words, but not all of them, you can spell the name shared by 13 people who also shared a job. What is the name and what is the job?







1. Grandma Moses
2. Abe Vigoda
3. Ronald Reagan
4. Traditional Blues Album
5. Japan - bonus fact, the U.S.ranks 38th at 78.2

Extra credit:

1. Beginners
2. World War I