Any Questions #47

Jul 20, 2012

Resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel spends this week's show seeing how WAMC's Ian Pickus measures up.

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase BLACK TIE. Rearrange these eight letters to spell two four-letter synonyms. What are they?
Answer: The synonyms are BEAT and LICK.

On-air questions: This week in 1983, the lowest temperature ever recorded on the earth's surface (-89.2ーC, or -128.6ーF) – was measured at Vostok Station on Antarctica. So, our quiz this time around is about measurement.
1. Inventor after whom the decibel, a unit often used to measure sound levels or other audio-related quantities, is named
2. Property measured using a unit called the curie, which is named for two pioneers in the field in which the unit is used
3. Type of vegetable you're performing a test on if you’re using Scoville units to measure the amount of a chemical compound called capsaicin
4. Two common units of measurement derived from the Latin word uncia, a word used to denote a unit equal to one-twelfth of another unit
5. Two cities connected by the Harvard Bridge, whose length is measured by locals in a unit called the smoot, defined as the height of MIT graduate Oliver Smoot

Extra credit
1. Unit of measure commonly used in horse racing (and few other places) equivalent to one-eighth of a mile
2. Metric prefix which completes this series: kilo, mega, giga, _____

This week's challenge
Think of two words that each name a unit of volume (one has six letters, one has four). Change one letter to an R, then rearrange the result to name things that have lots of measurements on them. What are the units and what are the things?

On-air questions
1. Alexander Graham Bell
2. Radioactivity
3. Pepper
4. Inch and ounce
5. Boston and Cambridge

Extra credit
1. Furlong
2. Tera