Any Questions #48

Jul 27, 2012

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel zoom in for a show about famous photos.

Last week's challenge
Think of two words that each name a unit of volume (one has six letters, the other has four). Change one letter to an R, then rearrange the result to name things that have lots of measurements on them. What are the units and what are the things?

Answer: The units are BUSHEL and PINT. If you change the H to an R, you can rearrange the letters to spell BLUEPRINTS.

On-air questions: On July 27, 2010, it was reported that a group of photographic negatives purchased a decade earlier at a garage sale may have been those of Ansel Adams, the famous nature photographer. (The mystery is still unsolved, as far as we can tell.) Inspired by that event, this week our quiz is about famous photographs.

1. Three-word erroneous headline depicted in a 1948 photograph of an edition of the Chicago Tribune being held by one of the men mentioned in the headline
2. Location depicted in a famous photograph of a young man standing in front of the first in a group of advancing tanks
3. Subject of the 1934 photograph nicknamed The Surgeon's Photo, which was revealed in 1994 to be, in reality, a model made of a toy submarine and wood putty
4. Era in American history iconically captured in the Dorothea Lange photograph titled “Migrant Mother,” which depicts Florence Owens Thompson and her two children
5. Musician who, during a 1970 concert at San Quentin Prison, gave the middle finger to the photographer in response to the request, “Let's do one for the warden”

Extra credit
1. Scientist who stuck his tongue out for a picture on his 72nd birthday, after being hounded by photographers all day
2. Photographer who took the last professional picture of John Lennon – a portrait of him and Yoko Ono that appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone – only five hours before he was shot and killed

This week's challenge
Start with the name ANSEL ADAMS. Add a letter, then rearrange the letters to spell the names of three things you might see in a photograph of a beach. What are they?

On-air questions
1. “Dewey Defeats Truman”
2. Tiananmen Square
3. The Loch Ness Monster
4. The Great Depression
5. Johnny Cash

Extra credit
1. Albert Einstein
2. Annie Leibovitz