Any Questions? #63

Nov 9, 2012

Vice President Alben Barkley

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel mark the end of campaign season with a show about vice presidents.

Last week's challenge
Take the name of a city associated with a WAMC frequency. Rearrange the letters to spell the name of a biblical figure and a biblical event which with this figure is associated. What is the city, and what are the figure and the event?
Answer: The city is TICONDEROGA. Rearranging the letters, you can spell GOD and CREATION.

On-air questions: On November 9, 1918, the man who would eventually become the 39th vice president of the United States, Spiro Agnew, was born. So this week, our quiz is about other famous people named Spiro. (Just kidding!) We'll see how much our listeners know about the second-in-command, with a quiz about vice presidents.

1. John Tyler and Millard Fillmore are the only two vice presidents (and two of the four presidents) who belonged to what political party with a four-letter name?
2. After Spiro Agnew resigned in 1973, the U.S. Senate confirmed Gerald Ford as vice president. When Richard Nixon resigned, Ford assumed the presidency. Who became Ford's V.P. four months later in December of 1974?
3. Currently, there are five living former vice presidents. For one of those five, the president under which they served is not still living. Which veep is it?
4. Since 1974, the official residence of the V.P. has been on the grounds of what scientific agency, which primarily serves the U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense?
5. Besides succeeding to the presidency in case of vacancy, the only official duties of the vice president that are specified in the Constitution relate to the holding of what role in the U.S. Congress?

Extra credit
1. The longest vacancy in the vice presidency to date is April 4, 1841 to March 4, 1845, which occurred when what vice president ascended to the presidency after the death of William Henry Harrison?

2. Who is the most recent 20th-century vice president whose last office prior to the vice presidency was as a Cabinet member (in his case, there was an eight-year gap)?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase VICE PRESIDENT. Change one letter to a T, and you can rearrange the result to spell a two-word phrase (seven letters in the first word, six letters in the second) for what fortune tellers do. What is the phrase?

On-air questions

1. Whig
2. Nelson Rockefeller
3. George H.W. Bush
4. U.S. Naval Observatory
5. President of the Senate

Extra credit
1. John Tyler                                                                                                                                                                                              2. Dick Cheney