Auditor: DCF Missed Serious Injuries To Kids

Dec 7, 2017

Massachusetts Auditor Suzanne Bump released a report Thursday that said auditors found the state's child welfare agency was unaware of serious injuries to hundreds of children it was monitoring.
Credit Jim Levulis / WAMC

     A scathing report from the state auditor finds the Massachusetts child welfare agency failed to report crimes against children to police.  

    Comparing medical records with two years of data from the Department of Children and Families, auditors found 260 serious injuries to children that caseworkers were unaware of, according to Auditor Suzanne Bump, who spoke with WBZ-TV.

    "We are talking about kids that have been treated for gunshot wounds, or for stabbings, or for rapes. Serious injuries they knew nothing about," said Bump.

    The audit highlighted 19 incidents, including rapes and assaults,that were not reported to prosecutors.

    Most of the audit covered a period of time before the Baker administration ordered new procedures at DCF in late 2015 following the deaths of several children the agency was supposed to be watching.