Beacon River Center to be Partially Solar Powered

Oct 11, 2012


It was anything but sunny on Wednesday morning, but a crew from Kirchhoff Green Energy in Pleasant Valley was installing solar panels on the roof of the Scenic Hudson kayak pavilion at its Long Dock Park on the Beacon city waterfront.

When completed and connected to the nearby River Center, a restored barn, the array will provide 25 percent of the electricity to power the barn, said Margery Groten, Scenic Hudson’s senior project manager.

“We’re doing it to save the environment. We think it is a great project to show the potential for solar,” she said. “This is a great spot to do it in because there is a great deal of exposure with very tree coverage around the pavilion, so it’s a good model project.”

Groten said the $50,000 cost of the project was covered by a grant and state rebates.