Beloved Albany Band The Orange Returns After Twelve-Year Filibuster

Oct 14, 2014

Ben Karis-Nix, Levi Jennes, Dan Sorensen, and Frank Moscowitz are back together as The Orange after 12 years.
Credit Sarah LaDuke

Twelve years is an eternity in music — and once-inseparable band members often go their separate ways, start families, and find that day jobs have become job-jobs.

Which is why we were so excited to be here at the Linda recently with The Orange, a Capital Region favorite during its initial run from 1998 until disbanding in 2002. It released just one studio recording, 2001’s Big Space Mission, before the breakup.

Now, after more than a decade of hibernation, the group is back together, having recorded new music and taken to the stage once again. The Orange is made up of Ben Karis-Nix, Dan Sorensen, Frank Moscowitz and Levi Jennes.