The Best Of Our Knowledge #1266

Dec 24, 2014

We’ve talked about some pretty important topics this year and as 2014 winds down we’d thought we’d take a couple of weeks and revisit some that really got your attention…and lit up our inbox.

We’ll start with a show from February. Four or five decades ago, a college education wasn't worth that much.  Sure, getting a degree opened a lot of doors and many parents encouraged their children to continue their education...but there were plenty of well paying jobs waiting for people with a high school diploma, or less. Today, that's not nearly the case.

Today on the Best Of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to the authors of the new book "Restoring Opportunity - The Crisis of Inequality and the Challenge for American Education"...and find out why the value of a college degree has skyrocketed since the 70s.

We’ll also spend an academic minute with Dickens’ glowing lobsters.