The Best of Our Knowledge # 831

Head Start and Early Head Start provide comprehensive early child
development programs that serve children from birth to age five.
They're child-focused programs which have the overall goal of
increasing the school-readiness of children of low-income families.
To get an accurate picture of Head Start TBOOK went to the person
in charge of supervising the nationwide program. Dr. Wade Horn is the
Assistant Secretary for Children and Families in the U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services. Dr. Horn oversees a 47-billion dollar
budget and 65 programs that serve vulnerable children, youth, and
families. Horn holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology from Southern
Illinois University. Prior to this post, he was a former Professor of
Psychology at Michigan State...former Director of Outpatient
Psychological Services at Children's Hospital National Medical Center...
and former Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University. Dr. Wade Horn is also author of the highly
popular and highly rated New Father Book: What Every New Father
Needs To Know To Be A Good Dad.
Next week, we find out about Head Start classrooms, curricula for math
and language skills, increasing teacher qualifications, and what the
future may hold.
Glenn Busby reports. (11:28)

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Millions of dollars are spent each year on tutors, counselors, and
coaches. It's hoped this money will help high school students
score well on college entrance exams...and successfully navigate
the challenges of college admissions. Over the years, educators
and parents worried about getting students into college. Now, they
are turning their attention to getting students to complete their
degrees. Many in the class fo 2006 starting the new fall term are
unaware of what awaits them. The Chronicle of Higher Education
reports that 84% of college faculty members say high school
graduates are either unprepared or only somewhat prepared for
college. This can lead to student frustration, and students leaving
school. Brendon Burchard is trying to help reduce dropout statistics
by starting one of the first nationwide college-readiness programs.
Burchard, founder and CEO of what he calls the College Success
Bootcamp, describes his program for TBOOK.
Glenn Busby reports. (7:10)

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