The Best of Our Knowledge # 869

This month we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. One of the
most challenging age groups to teach, can be those troublesome
middle school years. Most of us remember how our middle school
years were a time of great upheaval. Parents, teachers, psychologists
all confirm how this is often a troubled age group for students.
These pre-adolescent and adolescent years can turn a situation that
would be minor for an adult, into a seemingly life or death issue for a
child. It's a time when many a good student can turn into a struggling
student. Dr. Jana Martin is a licensed psychologist and former
President of the California Psychological Association. As such, Dr.
Martin often works with parents and children to help them deal with
this middle school angst. She talks with TBOOK about these middle
school years.
Jim Horne reports. (9:37)

Each year in May, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.
The U.S. PTA established Teacher Appreciation Week rather
recently, just in 1984. It honors the dedicated men and women
who lend their passion and skills to educating children. PTA
President, Anna Weselak says, Every young mind needs a spark
to light the way to a brighter future through learning, and teachers
are that spark. Thousands of communities will take time out to
honor their local educators and acknowledge the contributions
they make to so many lives. Organizations all over the country
declare Teacher of the Year awards. And Congress some time
ago established a National Teacher Day as part of the week-long
recognition. TBOOK speaks with Dr. William Ayers, a Distinguished
Professor of Education and Senior Scholar at the University of Illinois
at Chicago. His most recent book is, Teaching Toward Freedom: Moral Commitment and Ethical Action in the Classroom from Beacon Press.
Glenn Busby reports. (9:18)

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