The Best of Our Knowledge # 870

As we learned last week, studies indicate that middle school years
can be a confusing time period for students. It's a phase when
grades can be negatively impacted. This week, we speak with Dr.
Paul George, a Professor of Education, School of Teaching and
Learning, in the College of Education, at the University of Florida
in Gainesville. Dr. George has been in public education for three
decades, published ten books and hundreds of articles. Several
have been described as classics in the field. One is titled, The
Exemplary Middle School. It's been a standard in the arena of
middle school education for two decades. In fact, Middle School
Journal identified Professor George as the number one ranking
scholar in middle school education. George argues that middle
schools, as originally conceived, would in fact, be well suited to
children at this often difficult and confusing stage in life. But, he
believes, middle schools have never been given a chance to
operate as they were intended. And he discusses his revealing
research with TBOOK.
Jim Horne reports. (10:48)

This can be a stressful time of year for high school seniors...waiting to
hear if they've been accepted into the college of their choice. Not only
are colleges and universities receiving record numbers of applications...
they are also sending out record numbers of rejections. TBOOK gets
this report from several colleges in the Northeast part of the country.
Paul Tuthill reports. (4:31)

Last week, we honored teachers because of Teacher Appreciation
Week. A few weeks ago, we reported on Women's History Month.
And recently, International Women's Day was recognized as well.
It's a major day of global celebration for the economic, political, and
social achievements of women. International Women's Day was first
observed in the U.S. in 1909, in association with protests over working
conditions for women in the garment industry. Finally, 30-years ago,
UNESCO expanded the day to include all women. Dr. Fiona Barnes
from the University of Florida describes its history, and offers some
books for young people to help celebrate the day. Dr. Barnes is
Director of the Center for Management Communication at the
university's Warrington College of Business. This essay was originally
recorded for the program Recess which is a co-production of the
University of Florida's Center for Children's Literature and Culture,
and WUFT-FM. For further information, please visit their website at
Dr. Fiona Barnes. (2:23)