The Best of Our Knowledge # 873

Entrepreneurship education is one of the fastest growing areas of
curriculum in high school and college. This field of study has steadily
been emerging. And while later in this show we'll focus on higher
education, in this story we discover that entrepreneurship has secured
firm roots at the high school level too. Since 1987, the National
Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship has reached over
150-thousand youth, and trained more than 42-hundred certified
entrepreneurship teachers. The NFTE has programs in 25 states
in the U.S. and 13 countries. It's goal is to teach entrepreneurship
to young people from low-income communities to enhance their
economic productivity by improving their business, academic, and
life skills. Earlier this year, the NFTE partnered with the Goldman
Sachs Foundation to host a National Entrepreneurship Expo in New
York City. The Expo comes at a time when interest among young
people owning and operating a small business is growing. A series
of Gallup Polls has found that nearly 7 out of 10 young people are
interested in becoming entrepreneurs. TBOOK visited with Expo
winners: 16-year old John Howard, a junior at Boston Trinity High
School, and George Ortega, a 16-year old sophomore from Dalton
School in New York. We also spoke with Stephanie Bell-Rose,
Managing Director of Goldman, Sachs & Company, and President
of the Goldman Sachs Foundation.
Glenn Busby reports. (10:53)

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Now for a look at entrepreneurial pedagogy in higher education. Our
next guest has been doing extensive research at the collegiate level to
determine the extent of entrepreneurial education. He's polled some
3-thousand two and four year institutions. And though he's found that
E education has certainly become a global trend, it was a surprise to
learn that as many as 2-thousand, or nearly two-thirds of the colleges
and universities he studied in America, offer some form of
entrepreneurial education. Dr. Paul Magelli is Senior Director of
Illinois Business Consulting at the University of Illinois Urbana-
Champaign campus. Dr. Magelli is Director of Academic Entrepreneurial Leadership Development. And Professor Magelli is also the Kauffman Foundation Scholar in Residence. Helping universities become more entrepreneurial..not only in what they teach and how they teach it..but
in how colleges at the heart of the Kauffman Foundation's
work in entrepreneurship.
Glenn Busby reports. (7:25)

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