The Best of Our Knowledge # 998


As we already know, the fall flu season is in full swing. Adding to the usual concerns to student and public health in general, is the uncertainty of the H1N1 flu virus strain.

We've observed wide-spread reports of H1N1 across many parts of the United States. In the Midwest, Eastern Kentucky University recently confirmed its first swine flu case.

TBOOK finds out what precautions are now being taken at that Richmond, Kentucky school and by many other schools around the nation.

Ron Smith reports. (4:20)


Community colleges are being given a challenging mix of bulging enrollments (due to the economy) at a time when tight state budgets are forced to reduce financial support to them. That "Catch-22" situation is drawing attention from President Barack Obama's administration.

Earlier this year, President Obama promised he would put community colleges in the center of his plans to revitalize the American economy. Mr. Obama has promised billions in new spending for job training programs, improvements in basic skills education, facilities, and free online education all to emphasize two-year institutions.

The president stresses the importance of community colleges in broadening access to American higher education, and he expresses disdain at the way community colleges are often ignored in favor of so-called "elite" institutions.

TBOOK caught up with the presidential tour at a recent stop at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York. He was accompanied by Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, herself a community college instructor.

Glenn Busby reports. (7:53)


Finding common ground and mutual respect is an everyday struggle in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. But some 300 school children are learning how to do just that at a unique school outside Bethlehem.

The school puts peace and democracy at the heart of its teaching. In addition to normal curricula, teachers focus on how to handle confrontation and work with each other to resolve disputes.

World Vision Report fills us in on the background and details of the Hope Flowers School.

Dale Gavlak reports. (6:00)

**(For listeners who would like to read more online about the Hope Flowers School on the West Bank, their address is: .)**