Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change

Jan 9, 2015

  The Center for Motivation & Change is a unique, private group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers in New York City specializing in the treatment of substance use and compulsive behaviors.

The most innovative leaders in progressive addiction treatment in the US offer a groundbreaking, science-based guide to helping loved ones overcome addiction problems and compulsive behaviors. Beyond Addiction eschews the theatrics of interventions and tough love to show family and friends how they can use kindness, positive reinforcement, and motivational and behavioral strategies to help their loved ones change.

Dr. Carrie Wilkens joins us to tell us more.

CMC:Berkshires is a new residential treatment center in the Berkshire Mountains. CMC:Berkshires will serve as the residence for 13 clients under the leadership of CMC’s Co-Founder Jeff Foote, PhD, as well as Clinical Director David Lane, PsyD, who has worked with CMC for the past eight years.