Book Picks - Merritt Bookstore

Nov 13, 2012

Scott Meyer of Merritt Bookstore joins us with this week's Book Picks.

The Great American House: Tradition for the Way We Live Now by Gil Schafer III
Old Houses in Millbrook by John Foreman
Lyrics & Prose by Ric Ocasek
How to Think Like a Neandertal by Thomas Wynn
Before Galileo: The Birth of Modern Science in Medieval Europe by John Freely
When Can You Trust the Experts?: How to Tell Good Science from Bad in Education by Daniel T. Willingham
Guest of Honor: Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and the White House Dinner That Shocked a Nation by Deborah Davis
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney
1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments: Of Which We Could Remember Only 249 by Tom Friedman