Boston Symphony Announces Tanglewood 2014 Lineup

Nov 20, 2013

James Taylor performing at Tanglewood in 2008. Taylor will return to Tanglewood July 3rd and 4th after not being in last year's lineup.
Credit wikipedia commons

The Boston Symphony Orchestra has released the 2014 Tanglewood performance lineup.

The season starts on June 28th and includes more than 100 performances of live radio shows, orchestras, as well as popular artists like James Taylor, Yo-Yo Ma and first-timer Jason Alexander. Mark Volpe is the BSO’s managing director.

“You have people at Tanglewood who've been coming to concerts for 50, 60 years who are hyper-sophisticated and yet people getting exposed to classical music or an orchestra for the first time at Tanglewood,” Volpe said. “It’s a little bit of a challenge to program for a variety of tastes, but ultimately that’s the joy of Tanglewood. You have different types of people coming, congregating and celebrating music and nature out in a place that's unique in the world."

The season runs till the end of August. Tickets go on sale January 26th.