Buffalo-area students satirize Rihanna assault in blackface

Oct 16, 2012

A pep rally skit by three white high school students who wore blackface and parodied rapper Chris Brown's arrest for assaulting pop-star Rihanna has officials in the largely white western New York school district vowing to set clearer expectations for school events... more from WAMC's Dave Lucas

An alumnus of the school by the name of Matthew Dishler, posted a photo from the skit online. He says Tuesday that while he doesn't believe the students meant to offend, he was surprised that administrators didn't intervene. Dishler says someone should have stopped both the use of blackface and the idea of drawing laughs from domestic violence.

School officials say the short skit was one of several pop culture parodies at Friday's pep rally at Waverly High School, near the Pennsylvania border. The School Superintendent says he's using the episode to establish clearer expectations going forward.

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