Canadian Health Reporter At SUNY Plattsburgh As Fulbright Visitor

May 2, 2014

André Picard

André Picard is the health columnist for Canada’s national newspaper, the Toronto Globe and Mail. He has won a long list of awards including being named the top health reporter in the Americas by the Pan-American Health Association. He’s received the Michener Award and is a multiple finalist for Canada’s Pulitzer prize. He has written several books, and the Canadian Public Health Association named him the country’s first Public Health Hero in 2005. Picard has spent the week at SUNY Plattsburgh as a Distinguished Fulbright Visitor.

André Picard’s visit to SUNY Plattsburgh was hosted by the Center for the Study of Canada and Institute on Quebec Studies. Director Dr. Christopher Kirkey says it is the only academic program on the campus that regularly brings Fulbright scholars to the campus and community.  “André was brought to our attention, gratefully, by Fulbright Canada as a candidate who would be well-versed and highly informative for our audiences both on the campus and off campus with regard to Canadian and Quebec health care issues and also provide a very important comparative perspective on the Canada-U.S. heath care issues and debates.”

Picard started writing about health as a student journalist at his university.

André Picard has penned several books including: The Gift of Death: Confronting Canada’s Tainted Blood Tragedy, Critical Care: Canadian Nurses Speak for Change, and A Call to Alms: The New Face of Charity in Canada.