Carey Institute For Global Good To Screen ‘The Armstrong Lie’

Mar 22, 2014

The Carey Institute in Rensselaerville is organizing a large cycling festival, to take place this fall.  To gear up for that, the Institute has taken a stand on doping in the sport of cycling: tonight they are screening the "Armstrong Lie" documentary to be followed by a panel discussion featuring professional cyclists.

The fall of one of the 21st century’s athletic icons will take center stage at the Carey Institute for Global Good tonight at 7, with the Alex Gibney-directed documentary “The Armstrong Lie.”  The film features unprecedented access to Armstrong himself and many of his former teammates.

Carey Institute President Carol Ash: "Cycling has become a greater and greater part of people's regimen upstate since we have great rolling hills. And I think as more people understand the role of aerobic exercise for their health and well-being, cycling is one of the activities that is top on people's minds. We have in this community a person by the name of Tyler Wren who is a professional cyclist who had the idea of beginning our first ever Rensselaerville cycling festival which will beheld in September."

Tyler Wren has been a professional cyclist since 2002. He offers a few tips for listeners who may wish to take up cycling this year.   " I think what on eof the hardest things for people as getting out the door for the first time in the weather's warm again. But once you get some air in your tires. It's important ride consistently. Just, ride to work, ride to the gym, ride to the grocery store, ride when you're out running errands. Once you start riding consistently like that you'll start to feel better, more energized, crave healthier foods. That's things that we're trying to do with the cycling festival is to you Do something that a lot of we have something a lot of people can aspire to. A lot of people can accomplish. And we also have an option for the very serious cycling enthusiast. We also have kids events like it is ride and the kids, lesson on bicycle safety. At the rental. If I could possible So. The mission of the festival is twofold. Firstly, we aim to showcase the area. It's organizations. It's vendors. It's farmers. It's beer Brewers It's beautiful. Scenic roads, to the cycling community, and secondly, we aim to a showcase the health and wellness benefits of cycling to the Capital Region."

Following the film, an all-star panel including Wren, Betsy Andreu, the wife of former Armstrong teammate Frankie Andreu, and professional cycling expert John Eustice will discuss the impact of Lance Armstrong’s doping and its effect on the world of professional cycling and competitive sports.

Doors open at 6:30 pm. RSVP now at 518-797-5100.