Cariddi: $1.8M For Infrastucture In First Berkshires District

Mar 30, 2017

Massachusetts State Representative Gailanne Cariddi of North Adams has  announced $1.8 million in Chapter 90 funding to help municipalities in her district fix roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

Cariddi says the legislation will help local municipalities fix roads that are in need of repair from a harsh winter.  

The bill will coincide with a transportation law, which started an $800 million municipal grant program for federal interstate and non-interstate highways and small bridges last year.  

The bill also appropriates $70 million to replace the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ information technology infrastructure.

Apportionment for the First Berkshire District:

Adams       $ 287,389.58

Cheshire    $ 200,332.53

Clarksburg $ 75,655.84

Florida       $ 163,372.28

Hancock    $ 68,528.17

Lanesborough    $ 249,606.47

New Ashford      $ 57,030.02

North Adams      $ 436,242.37

Williamstown      $ 298,449.09