Carlucci Blasts For "Offensive Educational Video"

Feb 11, 2016


State Senator David Carlucci (D, New City) has called on the state education commissioner and attorney general to investigate how culturally insensitive and historically inaccurate information was included in educational videos regarding Judaism and members of the Jewish faith.

Videos from shown to students in the Clarkstown and Nyack school districts depict Jews in a negative light and Carlucci is concerned about the impact the misinformation could have on impressionable minds of students.

“The videos that I have seen have just been historically inaccurate, culturally insensitive and that’s why it’s very concerning to think where else is it being distributed. It’s probably not just in New York State but around the country and it’s important that we bring attention this so they can fix the problems that they have created and then we can be aware of this in New York State and make sure more students are not subjected to this,” the senator said.

Carlucci said any educational resource that depicts a religion in a negative light “must be immediately removed from our classrooms.”