Cideries Now On Menu At New York Distillery Summit

Apr 8, 2014

Credit Karen DeWitt

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Tuesday hosted a second beer, wine, spirits — and now, cider —   summit to showcase one of the state’s few growth industries.

The owners of brewers, distilleries, wineries, and for the first time, cideries, gathered at the capitol to share ideas about growing the industry. They also heard a pep talk from Cuomo, who says a few thousand new jobs have been created.

“We also can be a major facilitator,” Cuomo said. “A lot of your business is about promotion.”

Cuomo says his administration will try to do a better job of linking upstate producers of alcoholic beverages with the lucrative New York City market, and will promote more tourism links.

Meanwhile some wineries are using the occasion to press the case against hydrofracking, saying it’s incompatible with industry selling fresh, natural products.

Cuomo is still studying whether to allow the natural gas drilling process in New York.