City Shootings Linked To Gang Activity

Apr 11, 2014

Residents of one area city have been dreading the warmer weather, fearing it will lead to increased street shootings. Police believe they have identified what triggered the gun violence, and they think the string is over.

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Albany Police Chief Steven Krokoff has revealed intercity gang rivalry was responsible for an increase in shootings since the last quarter of 2013.   "We have finally gotten the support we needed across the board. Not only the city of Albany but from counties on both sides of the river to be able to effectively combat this small group of people that continue to decide to inflict that kind of damage on both of our cities."

Krokoff did not disclose the name of the rival city, but says it’s time for the community to "stand up" and tell gun-carriers:   "You're not going to intimidate us. You're not going to be occupying our streets with your weapons and your violence."

Krokoff spoke Friday at an event marking Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s 100 days in office.