Civil Rights Organization Warns Churches Of Potential For Hate Crimes Tied To Election

Sep 25, 2012

Civil rights leaders in Springfield Massachusetts ,where a black church was burned four years ago, are urging local churches to take precautions as election day approaches.    WAMC’s Paul Tuthill reports.

   The Springfield branch of the NAACP  is providing churches with a 19 page guide on how to protect property. It is a national publication, co-sponsored by an insurance company.  Springfield NAACP President, Rev. Talbert Swan said the civil rights organization is seeking to insure African American churches are protected in light of the 2008 burning of the Macedonia Church of God  in Christ, which coincided with the election of the country’s first black president. The NAACP has urged churches to become active in the 2012 presidential election to help combat efforts to suppress minority voter turnout