Conn. Task Force Recommends Changes in Shoreline Zoning Laws

Jan 14, 2013

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut task force recommends that local zoning laws reflect changes in rising sea levels and new flood elevations after two storms devastated the state's shoreline.

Credit NOAA

The legislative report released Monday recommends that municipalities and the state consider the impact of rising sea levels when deciding whether to build or issuing public health permits for sewage disposal.

The group was formed in February 2012, after Hurricane Irene hit Connecticut as a tropical storm and eight months before more damage was caused by Superstorm Sandy.

State officials cannot force towns to change zoning. Rep. James Albis, chairman of the task force, says many lawmakers are torn between maintaining local autonomy and prodding zoning changes to limit damage from massive storms.

The East Haven Democrat expects debate in the legislature this year.

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