Convenience Store Imposes Time Limit On Customer Visits

Dec 3, 2013

If you're meeting friends at a convenience store, keep your eye on the clock or you may end up like these customers of an area Stewart's Shop...

A group of about six patrons of a Cohoes Stewart's Shop have been told by management to limit their get-togethers at the store to 30 minutes - the friends, described by The Troy Record as "mostly retired city residents" - have been meeting at the store for several years, but after a recent incident over whether one of the group had paid for a cup of coffee or not, police were called and the time limit subsequently imposed.    When informed that there are other Stewarts shops where people loiter for hours on end, a Stewarts official said time limits are set by individual stores, then declined further comment, sending an email stating "our business is not designed for visitors to stay for hours at a time." The six patrons now assemble at a different Stewart's in Cohoes where they "haven't had any issues."