In Conversation with... Ned Sullivan and Andy Bicking

Albany, NY –

Alan Chartock in conversation with Ned Sullivan and Andy Bicking of Scenic Hudson. Ned Sullivan, president of Scenic Hudson, joined the organization in 1999 and has directed it through a period of dramatic institutional growth. Andy Bicking is Scenic Hudson director of public policy. With over 25-thousand supporters, Scenic Hudson is the largest environmental organization focused on the Hudson River Valley.

Alan S. Chartock is the President of WAMC/Northeast Public Radio where he also fills the roles of political observer, host, fundraiser, and Executive Producer for the station's in-house production arm, National Productions. WAMC's In Conversation With is the result of Alan's frequent conversations with artists, musicians, philanthropists, lawmakers, newsmakers, and other unique people who's stories should be told. Read Alan's blog, or visit him on Facebook.

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