Cops Barred from Gun Range

Jan 17, 2013

Burlington City Hall
Credit WAMC

A Vermont gun club has barred a city’s police department from its firing range after city leaders approved a measure that could lead to an assault weapons ban.

The Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club has informed Burlington city and police officials that law enforcement officers can no longer use their gun range for training. The Burlington City Council passed a resolution directing its Charter Change Committee to draft a ban on the possession of semi-automatic assault weapons and multiple ammo clips in the city.  In his letter, gun club Board President Bob Boivin told city officials that move is prejudicial against the club and its members.

City Council President Joan Shannon is not worried about the impact of this ban  on the city Police Department.

Shannon characterized the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club’s ban as a bullying tactic. She notes that what the Council passed is only the beginning of a charter change process.

Ward Six Democrat Norm Blais introduced the charter change measure to ban assault weapons in Burlington.  He is disappointed with the gun club’s decision.

The Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club’s Bob Boivin says one of their key concerns is blanket statements about certain firearms.

This week, the gun debate made its way to the Vermont statehouse. The Vermont Senate majority leader introduced a bill that would prohibit the manufacture and  possession of semiautomatic assault weapons, limit fixed or detachable magazines to five rounds; and  criminalize  leaving  a firearm accessible to a child.