Counties Declare States of Emergency, Schools Close

Oct 29, 2012

Credit Hank GrossHein, in the Ulster County emergency operations center on Sunday, said they were prepared for Irene a year ago, and are confident they can handle SandyEdit | Remove

  Counties across the entire region are on the ready for Hurricane Sandy with many declaring states of emergency. Many municipalities have also declared emergencies and school districts have closed.  Counties opened their emergency operations centers on Sunday to continuously monitor the path of the storm.

Low lying areas and those along waterways are of particular concern to officials as they are expected to flood.

In Putnam County, where County Executive MaryEllen Odell declared a state of emergency, she expressed concern over tidal flooding on the Hudson River in Cold Spring with a two foot to four foot tidal wave expected. She also recommended evacuation of homes along Manitou Station Road and Hudson River Lane in Garrison, also along the Hudson.

Ulster County officials are concerned about possible flooding along the Rondout and Wallkill rivers including Kingston’s downtown Strand and Route 32 in Rifton.


County Executive Michael Hein stressed they want people to be safe.

“One of the things that we were so proud of during Hurricane Irene was that we had no fatalities and we want to make sure that takes place in this case,” Hein said.

Orange County Executive Edward Diana declared a state of emergency in his county and that means the closing of all county offices, school districts and SUNY Orange. Courts are also closed.

“We believe we are going to get sustained winds for at least 24 hours, maybe even 36, that will be 40 to 60 miles an hour with sometimes gusts up to 70,” he said.

Diana said that means the potential of power lines and trees coming down and roads being closed as a result.

Sullivan County Administrator David Fanslau announced the closure of all county offices at noon on Monday. They will remain closed through Tuesday. Runoff may also cause flooding of small streams.

Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef has declared a state of emergency. Residents of flood prone areas have been requested to evacuate because of impending high winds, rain and tidal storm surge. They include flood prone areas of Piermont, Ba Mar Trailer Park, Grassy Point and Beach Road in Stony Point.