County Passes Invasive Transport Law

Jun 19, 2012

Warren County has passed a first of its kind law in New York making the transport or introduction of aquatic invasive species into any county water body illegal.

The control of aquatic invasive species is a major concern for Lake George officials.  The pristine waters are a key economic resource for the New York resort and the community has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to control Asian clam and milfoil infestations. Aquatic invasives can be transported on boats, trailers, personal water craft, fishing equipment, and bait buckets.  Warren County officials have implemented a new Invasive Species Transport Law making the transport and introduction of aquatic invasives illegal. Lake George Association Spokesperson Lynne Rosenthal says they helped county supervisors draft the law.

Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky calls Warren County’s law a proactive measure to deal with invasives.

Lake George Mayor Bob Blais says if the lake is lost to invasives or an inordinate amount must be spent on control methods, there could be a negative impact on tourism.

While this is the first law of its kind at the county level in New York, Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program Director Hilary Smith says there are many aquatic transport laws.

Violators of Warren County’s new law can be fined up to 5-thousand dollars and face up to 15 days in jail.