Cox expects big things from Romney in Tampa and New York

Aug 23, 2012

Republicans, including the powerful chair of the New York state party, are beginning to flock to Tampa for next week’s convention. WAMC’s Ian Pickus has more.

Chairman Ed Cox has run the state party since 2009, and despite a Democratic enrollment advantage, has overseen some key victories: the Republican takeover of the state Senate after two years of troubled Democratic rule, and several Congressional seat pickups during the 2010 midterms.

But Cox now has his eyes on the presidential race, telling WAMC that he believes former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney can be the first Republican to carry New York since Ronald Reagan in 1984. Polls seem to say otherwise.

Nevertheless, Cox expects a landmark acceptance speech from Romney next Thursday.

"He will be giving his vision for the future of America as contrasted to Obama's vision," Cox says, "and that's going to set the stage for his becoming President of the United States."

Cox speaking on this week’s Capitol Connection program, which airs Friday night at 10:30 and Saturday at 1. The GOP convention kicks off Monday.