Criminal freed over Mass. lab scandal is fugitive

Oct 5, 2012

Authorities say a career criminal whose bail on drug charges was reduced because of allegations of mishandling of drug samples by a Massachusetts chemist has failed to show up for court and is now a fugitive.

Marcus Pixley's bail was originally $5,000 cash after he was charged with possession and intent to distribute crack cocaine.

His bail was reduced to $1,000 because the drugs were tested by Annie Dookhan, a state chemist charged in a scandal that has potentially put thousands of drug cases in jeopardy.

Pixley posted the reduced bail but failed to appear in court Wednesday. A judge issued an arrest warrant Thursday.

Pixley has a criminal record dating to 1977, including convictions in rape, assault and battery, and drug cases.

Prosecutors argued against Pixley's bail reduction.

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