Critics of Single Payer Claim Vermont Officials Hiding Cost Information from Public

Feb 21, 2013

Credit 401(K) 2013/Creative Commons

A group opposed to Vermont’s transition to a single payer health care system released an analysis of documents that they claim prove the Shumlin administration is hiding information from the public about the cost of the plan.

The Administration was to report to the Legislature in mid-January how  Green Mountain Care would be financed.  The report was delayed and when it was issued, no monetary figures were included in the report.   

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, a critic of the health care plan, filed a Freedom of Information request for documents related to the report.  Executive Director Jeff Wennberg says they have analyzed the nearly 16-hundred pages and he is troubled that a great deal of work was done by consultants.

Wennberg wants to see how the Shumlin administration intends to raise the 1.6 billion dollars the program will cost.

Vermonters for Health Care Security Executive Director Peter Sterling believes Wennberg and members of his organization want the Administration to come up with an exact list for the 1.6 billion dollars in program costs.

Vermont House Minority Leader Republican Don Turner supports Wennberg and is concerned that the administration may have additional information that has yet to be released.

Vermont Public Interest Research Group Consumer Protection Advocate Falco Schilling says Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is advocating staying with a broken system.

Vermont Health Care Reform Director Robin Lunge said they did provide the group with requested documents.  She was driving to southern Vermont this morning and had not seen the report issued by Vermonters for Health Care Freedom. Calls to other administration officials were not returned in time for this broadcast.

A link to the report issued by Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is available here.