Critics Slam Health Care Financing Plan

Feb 1, 2013

Credit Vermont Agency of Administration

The Shumlin Administration released its Health Care Reform Financing Plan late last week.  This week a group of advocates and Republican lawmakers criticized the report, saying it offered no real outline for financing the state’s proposed single payer health care system.

Vermont is transitioning to universal health care and how it will pay for such a system was to be explained in a report scheduled for release on January 15th.  Critics were initially upset when that was delayed until January 24th.  After reviewing it, Vermonters for Health Care Freedom Executive Director Jeffrey Wennberg, who is opposed to a single payer system, said the Administration continues to stonewall.

Jeffrey Wennberg says the biggest unanswered question is how the state will pay for a single payer system.

Vermont Secretary of Administration Jeb Spaulding has characterized the criticism by Republican lawmakers and others a stunt. Vermont Health Care Reform Director Robin Lunge says the report was never intended to delineate specific financing.

A link to the Vermont Health Care Reform Financing Plan is available here.