CT Gov. Signs Budget Bill, But Nixes Portions Affecting A Tax

Oct 31, 2017

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says he's signed a bipartisan state budget, but used his limited line-item veto power to scrap portions of the legislation related to a tax on Connecticut's hospitals.

The Democrat announced his highly anticipated decision Tuesday on Twitter.

Malloy has said he believes the language concerning the hospital tax puts about $1 billion in federal funding at risk. The revenue is tied to the tax as part of a complicated reimbursement formula.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers passed the two-year, $41.3 billion bipartisan plan last week with enough support to override a veto, if that became necessary. The agreement had been crafted by legislative leaders, without Malloy in the room.

Malloy says he has other problems with the bill and is urging lawmakers to make fixes.

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