Cuomo: Two Storms Coming; Hunker Down NY

Jan 1, 2014

Credit WAMC/Dave Lucas
  As a pair of winter storms head for New York state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is urging downstate commuters to leave their cars home Thursday morninig in case major highways are closed for Thursday's evening rush hours.  In a conference call Wednesday, Cuomo spoke of "double trouble," telling reporters a storm system approaching from the west could drop a foot of snow on upstate New York — while a coastal storm may bring heavy snow to New York City and blizzard conditions to Long Island. Cuomo said "mass transportation is a prudent option, given that highways may be closed." As the snow tapers off early Friday, Cuomo said brutal cold may complicate cleanup efforts. The National Weather Service says wind-chill temperatures may dip to 30 degrees below zero in northern New York.  Copyright 2014 The Associated Press.