Dairy Provision Protected in Farm Bill Committee Deliberations

Jul 12, 2012

The U.S. House Agriculture Committee has approved the Farm Bill with some changes and moved it to the floor of the chamber.  During committee deliberations, Congressman Peter Welch and other Northeast representatives were able to keep a key dairy provision in the bill intact.

An amendment had been put forward in committee to remove the Dairy Market Stabilization Program, a new provision in the Farm Bill designed to eliminate milk subsidies and create a margin insurance protection program. During committee discussion, Vermont Congressman Peter Welch explained that the program would work because farmers crafted it.

The move to remove the dairy provision was defeated 29 to 17.  Rural Vermont Director Andrea Stander is pleased  efforts to protect the provision were successful.

Agrimark Dairy Economist Bob Wellington says the stabilization program is crucial for dairy farmers.

Bob Wellington notes that although the provision has survived the committee process, it remains at risk.

The Farm Bill was voted out of committee on a vote of 35-11. House Speaker John Boehner says no decision has been made regarding its consideration on the House floor.