Dear Bully - A Look at Bullying in America

Feb 1, 2013

The entire file contains all five parts of our series on bullying. The leads are in the order of reports.

Bullying is one of the most difficult challenges a teacher or school administrator faces. It can be the stereotypical teasing on the playground, but more often than not these days it is a combination of face-to-face and cyber bullying.  Today, North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley looks at bullying in the schools and how educators are scrambling to keep up with technology that is exacerbating the problem.

Technology has changed the face of bullying --  the rise of social media and the explosion of texting has led to what is known as “cyberbullying”.   In part four of our week-long series on bullying, WAMC’s Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill reports.

While concern is often greatest for the victims of bullying, what do we know about the psychology bullies themselves? In the third part of our week-long bulling series, WAMC’s Patrick Donges took a closer look at the mind of a bully.

As research advances on school bullying, sociologists are understanding not just who is affected, but that some may suffer more academically as a result. In the second part of our week-long series on bullying, WAMC's Lucas Willard reports on the sociology of bullying from grade school to high school.

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions in classrooms across the nation. Parents, teachers, activists, and now even other students are putting their heads together to confront bullying straight on.  IN the final segment of our week-long bulling series, WAMC's Dave Lucas reports that the anti-bully message is being driven home through monitoring, policing and legislation.