Democratic District Attorney Primary Ends Hard Fight

Sep 13, 2012

Today’s primary voting marks the conclusion of a bitter campaign for the Democratic nomination for Albany County District Attorney. 

Incumbent David Soares is seeking a third four-year term against attorney Lee Kindlon, an ex-Marine prosecutor who works in his family’s high-profile Capital District firm and blames Soares for Albany County’s high crime rate.

Soares has received endorsements from unions and the Albany Times-Union, which argued for the value of his years of experience in the office. Soares bucked the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo last fall when he declined to prosecute peaceful Occupy Albany protesters.

“I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished,” Soares says. “I’m proud of the people show up every morning and have bought into a vision of a tough and smart approaching to public safety.”

Kindlon, meanwhile, has peeled off some of Soares’ supporters, including some members of the Albany Common Council, and he has had little trouble raising money for his insurgent campaign.

“I’m looking to bring integrity, experience and independence to the DA’s office,” Kindlon says. “I think that’s been missing for a long time.”

Polls are open from noon until 9.